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WhatsApp\Viber: +65 9727 7011

Line: bearybest

WeChat: bearybest


16 Upper cross street, Singapore


For special group rates, please contact us directly. We also welcome school trips, family groups and company retreats.

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How to get here

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Taking the MRT (aka Train/Subway/Metro) is the most affordable and environmentally friendly option to get to Chinatown! SGD 1.85 - 2.50

  1. Board the MRT from Changi Airport station to Expo Station (1 stop later, ~5 min)

  2. Walk to the Downtown Line connection and board the train towards Chinatown Station. Alight at Chinatown MRT station (16 stops later, ~30 min)

  3. Head towards Exit F (Hong Lim Complex). Take the escalator/lift up to the street level.

  4. Look across the road and you will immediately spot Beary Best! with our colourful windows and blue Beary sign.

If you are carrying large suitcases, a taxi might be the best option. SGD25-50.

  1. Walk towards the taxi stands available at every terminal.

  2. Tell the driver: "Beary Best! Hostel along 16, Upper Cross Street, Chinatown, 058331" and "Opposite Hong Lim Complex".

Consider taking the shuttle if you are on a solo visit with large and heavy suitcases or if you are arriving past 11.30pm and there is no MRT in operation anymore.

  1. Approach the Ground Transport Desks at the Arrival halls

  2. Quote "Beary Best! Hostel along 16, Upper Cross Street, Chinatown" 

  3. Wait to be advised on the next departure time. (up to 30 minutes wait for non peak hours)

  4. It takes about 25 minutes to get to the city area, after which it depends on who they decide to drop off first.

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